Huda lui Papara Salciua

Aries Valley Tour

This tour will show you the most known valley form Apuseni Mountains, Aries Valley. We'll admire the gorges and also the old churches from the villages. We'll see many protected species and we should also see the Golden Eagle. There are wild gorges and wonderful landscapes, meadows with flowers and coloured butterflies. In the villages we should meet the locals and see their traditional household.


- Wooden churches from Ocolisel, Vidolm, Runc, Belioara and Sub Piatra, built in 18-19-th Century

- Nature Reserves Runcului Gorge, Scarita Belioara, Posaga Gorge, and Huda lui Papara Cave.
-The cave Huda Lui Papara, the greatest cave in the area.

We’ll meet the locals and the old wagon oxen pulled.
The Huda lui Papara cave is 5 km long and shelter the biggest bats colony from Europe. 
We should also see the preparation of local brandy (tuica) in traditoinal distilery. 
Also, we'll see the daily activities in household, like gardening and feeding the animals.


1 person- 105 euro

2 persons- 53 euro/person
3 persons- 38 euro/person
4 persons- 53 euro/person
Depending on your demand, the routes and the prices are subject of discution.


 Therms of reservation 

Please reserve the tour to minimum one day in advance.

For groups over 6 persons please request the tour one week before.
The tour starts at 9 am and finish at 8 pm.
The transport is in private rental car.
Route lenght- 200 km
English guide.
Validity-all periods of the year.
The offer does not include meals and drinks, entrance fees and tips.

 Optional services

Brandy tasting and traditional meal- 10 euro/ person
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
Hotel booking


e-mail: office [at]
Phone: 0040 744 776393



Clubul Montan Apuseni (Apuseni Mountain Club) is an association created under the Romanian Law (Law 26/2000) whose purpose is to protect the endangered species and to promote responsible tourism. Based on our member's qualification as travel guide we are legally offering assistance and guidance for the tourists. The gains will be used for achieving organization’s goal. 


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