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Roman Roads in Apuseni Mountains

Category: Nature Tours
Created on Sunday, 11 August 2013 13:58


Roman Roads in Apuseni Mountains

roman_roads_romania  Imagine that you are translated in year 131 in a roman settlement called Alburnus Maior (Rosia Montana). After the Dacian Wars in 105-106, the romans started to extract the gold form the famous golden mines form Apuseni Mountains, in Dacia. Here were found the famous wax tablets that contained mines concession contracts. Visiting the roman mines we’ll be translated 2000 years back, in the eflourishing period of roman colonization. 

Rosia Montana-The Golden Way

Category: One Day Tours
Created on Sunday, 11 August 2013 05:10
Transylvania Tours Rosia Montana 

Rosia Montana- The Golden Way


 Mining or tourism ? This is the question!

Industrial development or nature and traditions preserve? Let's visit this controversial place for a real impression! 
The remains of the roman ancient mining, the Old El Dorado Town and the nature will impress you!