Alba Iulia Fortress

Roman and Medieval Fortresses


 In Transylvania there are many remains of the roman settlement and many fortresses that we should visit in one day tour.
The greatest roman camp from this area, called Apulum Castrum, is subject of our visit. Here we should see a restored Vauban Fortress which overlaps the roman settlements. 


-Roman settlement Napoca and the medival fortress Cluj.The Roman settlement Napoca was founded during the rule of Trajan. Trajan's successor Hadrian granted Napoca the status of municipium as Municipium Aelium Hadrianum Napocenses.

- Roman castrum PotaissaFounded as a Dacian city under the name Potaissa, Turda was conquered by the romans. The castrum established was namedPotaissa too and became a municipium, then a colonia. Potaissa was the basecamp of the Legio V Macedonica from 166 to 274.
-The medieval fortress Aiud 
is a medieval architectural complex XIII-XVI century) with the urban fortress and the Reformat Church . 
The fortress with stone walls and towers is located on the site of an old earth fortification which in its turn overlaps a Dacian-Roman settlement from 3rd century. 

 Roman castrum Apulum and the the medieval fortress Alba IuliaRoman Apulum Castrum is located in one of the oldest city in Transilvania, Alba Iulia. The XIII Geminae Legion was billeted here in one of the major Roman stone camps. The medieval fortress, built in XVIII century in Vauban Style is the most representative bastionary fortification from Romania. 
The perimeter of the walls is 12 kilometers.


 1 person-100 euro

2 persons-50 euro/ person
3 persons- 33 euro/ person
4 persons- 50 euro/ person
Depending on your demand, the routes and the prices are subject of discution.

Reservation terms

 Please reserve the tour to minimum one day in advance.

For groups over 6 persons please request the tour one week before.
The tour starts at 9 am and finish at 8 pm.
The transport is in private rental car.
Route lenght- 200 km
English guide.
Validity-all periods of the year.
The offer does not include meals and drinks, entrance fees and tips.

 Optional services

 Wine tasting and traditional meal in Aiud- 10 euro/person

Medieval speciality meal in Aiud Fortress Restaurant- 10 eur/person
Transfer from the airport to the hotel
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