Turda Salt Mine

Turda Gorges and Turda Salt Mine


Two important objectives allows us to have an impression about the grandeur of the nature and about the human power of using natural resources. We’ll go down in the depth of the Earth to see Turda Salt Mine and later  we’ll look for the fly of the Golden Eagle in Turda Gorges.


 - Turda Salt Mine.Turda's salt deposit has been known and exploited by ancient times, but it was systematic exploited during the Roman conquest in Dacia. The salt was exploited in rooms of 17-34m depth and 10-12m width, disposed one near the other an separated by a safety consolidation. This system ensured a massive extraction of the salt, but it worked only in those areas where the salt was exploited near the surface.

- Turda Gorge becamed nature reserve starting 1938 and shetler more then 950 plant species and more protected animal species, representative being Golden Eagle. Going through the gorge, long of 1,5 km, we’ll see the vertical slopes, up to 300 m high, with more than  60 caves inhabited from long times ago. 

Turda Gorge is also one of the best climbing area in region, place of many climbing competitions.



1 person- 95 euro
2 persons- 47 euro/person
3 persons- 35 euro/person
4 persons- 48 euro/person
Depending on your demand, the routes and the prices are subject of discution.

Reservation terms

Please reserve the tour to minimum one day in advance.
For groups over 6 persons please request the tour one week before.
Tour lenght- 6 hours
The transport is in private rental car.
Route lenght- 100 km
English guide.
Validity-all periods of the year.
The offer does not include meals and drinks, entrance fees (at Turda Salt Mine and Turda Gorge) and tips.

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Clubul Montan Apuseni (Apuseni Mountain Club) is an association created under the Romanian Law (Law 26/2000) whose purpose is to protect the endangered species and to promote responsible tourism. Based on our member's qualification as travel guide we are legally offering assistance and guidance for the tourists. The gains will be used for achieving organization’s goal. 


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