Underground Treasure Tour


Beware of torrid heat, and let's dive into the depths of the Earth. In this two days you should understand how the caves were formed and how they look inside. We'll visit three tourist prepeared caves that  allows us to admire the beauties of the underground. The forms that water carved in the limestone make us thinking at the legend carachters: dragons, bears, lions.



-Aries Valley, famous for its lenght and wonderful landscapes-green hills with old houses
- Bears Cave is an arranged cave with paved paths, banisters and electric light. The numerous cave bears (Ursus Spelaeus) gave the name of the cave, because more than 15.000 years ago the cave was visited by these animals. But because of the terrestrial movements the rocks closed the entrance while more than 140 bears were still in the cave. A lot of footprints and skeletons of cave bear where discovered in the cave.
-Crisul Repede Valley, situated in Bihor County
-Vadu Crisului Cave- one of the first "electrified" caves in Romania, hosting a lot of protected species of bats.
-Ungurului Cave- famous for its habitation by prehistoric man



 Please note that the price includes one night accomodation in local guest house with full board (dinner, breakfast and lunch).  The accomodation will be at local guesthouse in rooms with two beds and shared toilet.

-1 person- 265 euro
-2 persons- 150 euro/ person
-3 persons- 100 euro/person
-4 persons- 90 euro/person

Depending on your demand, the routes and the prices are subject of discution.
For groups over 30 persons the fares are negotiable.

  Reservation terms

 Please reserve the tour to minimum three days in advance.

For groups over 4 persons please request the tour one week before.
The tour starts at 8 am and finish second day at 7 pm.
The transport is in private rental car.
Route lenght- 500 km
English guide.
Validity-all periods of the year.
The offer does not include other meals than those specified, drinks, entrance fees and tips. Please note that the total entry fees is around 10 euro/person.

  Optional services

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

Hotel booking


 e-mail: office [at] transylvaniawalks.com

Phone: 0040 744 776393


 Clubul Montan Apuseni (Apuseni Mountain Club) is an association created under the Romanian Law (Law 26/2000) whose purpose is to protect the endangered species and to promote responsible tourism. Based on our member's qualification as travel guide we are legally offering assistance and guidance for the tourists. The gains will be used for achieving organization’s goal. 


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