Welcome to Transylvania, Romania!

For the last six years, we have also experienced the guiding of small groups, starting with the Apuseni Mountains, then Maramures and Bukovina. Join us to discover the secrets of some remote areas that kept untouched the nature and the traditions, and we should offer you a journey back in time like 100 years ago. 

We are inviting you to live in local's farm and to share their traditional recipes. Our specialized guides in protected areas, in protected species, in herbs and mushrooms, will help you to find the treasures of this land: the nature and the people.

Join us! And we will offer you an unforgettable holiday! Feel The Nature!

Romania is the reachest country in Europe regarding biodiversity. It is unique because it hosts five biogeographical regions: Continental, Stepic, Alpine, Pontic and Panonnic, that determine a high level of biodiversity: a lot of alpine species combined with mediteranean species.



Here you should find the largest bear population in Europe (Excepting Russia), according WWF. According to the last studies, the bear population in Romania is estimated at 5,600 individuals (40% from Europe's population).

The wolf population is around 2,900 individuals, representing 31% from Europe's wolf population. There is detected also a large population of Lynx.


The experience in the field recommend us to be your perfect guide for your your travel in Romania. We have more then 20 years of wandering in Romanian mountains, first as tourist and then as members involved in projects of sustainable development regarding communities from mountain areas. 

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