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Cluj- Napoca-  European Youth Capital 2015

 We invite you to know the beauties of this city together: the medieval buildings lead us to think of princes and princesses, Roman remains, the gardens of the city and its surroundings. Student city is full of nightlife, waiting for you to discover the premises for young people! 
Join us to discover the beauties of Cluj-Napoca, European Youth Capital 2015! Read more...


Transylvania Walks

Return to Nature- Live Like 100 Years Ago

Located in the center of Transylvania, Trascau Mountains show a great variety of limestone landscape pattern and very rich fauna and flora, including large carnivors.

The area takes the shape of an open air museum. Here is possible to see a multitude of examples of popular traditions and customs

water mills, oxen-pulled carts, and houses that are hundreds of years old, all the above in perfect harmony with the landscape.We will walk through Trascau Nature Parc for 8 days.
Our guides, specialised in protected species, herbs, mushrooms and geology will show you nice landscapes, protected species and the traditional way of life. Read more...


Saxon Fortified Churches from Transylvania 


For a week we will  travel through Transylvania, the land inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons and Romanians, we will admire many of their achievements. We will also see some places related to Dracula's legend, but also to the place connected to Vallachia's ruler, Vlad Tepes, which  inspired the legend.

Transylvania is situated in the south-eastern corner of the Carpathian Basin. Read more...


Maramures Traditions 

Maramures Traditions


Maramures, a mythical county, with traditions and culture well kept. We'll see some of the eight wooden churches from UNESCO List of World Heritage and we'll be in touch with the locals and their traditions habits. We'll see the black humor from Merry Cemetery and the Prison-Museum from Sighet. 

We'll be translated in XIX-th Century, in a traditional society with people working on the field, using traditional iron tools for it and living in wooden houses. Read more..


Roman Roads

 Roman Roads in Apuseni Mountains


Imagine that you are translated in year 131 in a roman settlement called Alburnus Maior (Rosia Montana). After the Dacian Wars in 105-106, the romans started to extract the gold form the famous golden mines form Apuseni Mountains, in Dacia. Here were found the famous wax tablets that contained mines concession contracts. Visiting the roman mines we’ll be translated 2000 years back, in the eflourishing period of roman colonization. Read more..


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